The Women of The 1916 Rising

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The Women of 1916
The strength behind the leaders

This series of works is concerned with and looks at the wives and women of the rebellion…the backbone of support and strength to the men of 1916,some who went on to become avid politic activists…
Each portrait is painted on a red background that is allowed to show through and dominate the painting, this red symbolises many emotions and ideas, the love and passion that the women felt for their husbands, the anger and rage they must have felt at their executions and finally the blood that was shed in the rebellion.
The women are mostly surrounded by words and phrases from their Husbands last letters or writings, these are repeated and float around the portraits, as I imagine that the actual letters would have been read and reread repeatedly by the women after the death of their loved ones..
The works are sparse and raw to emphasis the struggle and sacrifice of the 1916 rebellion and these women and their families.
The women are Muriel Gifford married to Thomas Macdonagh, Grace Gifford married to Joseph Plunkett, Aine Ceannt married to Eamonn Ceannt, Maud Gonne married to Sean Mac Dermott, Kitty Clarke married to Tom Clarke and Countess Markievicz a leader in her own right.
Each work tries to portray the women in a contemporary manner and emphasis the iconic nature and personify their struggle

Portrait of Countess Markievicz , oil on canvas, unframed €200 email for further details

Portrait of MURIEL GIFFORD, oil on canvas, unframed €300 – email for further details


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