Autumn Tree – A tribute to Yeats


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Autumn Tree is a  impasto painting inspired by a recent walk, in Enniskerry I just love the flaming colours of Autumn, with the golden colours and flaming reds of the Trees all set beside the greens of hedgerows, grass  and than the blues of the sky…. this is a portrait of a lone tree standing proudly in its autumn attire

I used thick paint applied in sweeps with my trusty palette knives to give a  feeling of the dense leaves  & foliage filled with the rich autumnal colours  as I painted this I was thinking of the glorious thick paint Jack Yeats used in his emotivepaintings…..

The painting will come float mounted and framed as illustrated

29 x 28 x 3 cm Framed a shown

Carefully packed and couriered directly to you

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