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The sun sets behind the Majestic sugarloaf Mountain

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 Sugarloaf Surprise is full of swirling colour inspired by the setting Sun falling behind the Sugarloaf mountain on the Wicklow/Dublin borders.. the painting is filled with movement as the setting sunlight is reflected on clouds and almost dances around the sky in contrast to the greens of the landscape in the foreground

I am repeatedly drawn back to the Sugarloaf as a subject, for many reasons – its spectacular shape and the way it dominates the local landscape, its history and probably most importantly how it featured in my childhood imagination as a “dormant” Volcano and the perils that might happen if it ever woke up and then later climbing it and feeling like a Queen on its peak surveying the amazing view..

Even now as I drive on the M11/N11 I always look forward to the first glimpse of it standing proud over the landscape

This painting is oil on canvas and is float mounted and framed in a Limed white box frame and ready to hang

All work is carefully bubble wrapped and boxed in cardboard box and delivered directly to you

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