The setting Sun & The Spainish Pines


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I had a lovely break on the Costa Brava in Spain, about an hour away from where Salvidore Dali lived, I meant to go visit his house and studio but the best intentions often go astray! iIn stead I found my own inspiration

Every day I walked the coast with my daughter and feel in love with the twisty Pines along the cliffs, they seemed so full of character, like mountainers linging onto the cliffs  or conga dancing revellers!

The vibrant reds of sunet against the intense blues of the sea with the sorched earth tones on a bright sunny day¬† with the greens of the pines called out to be painted and I couldn’t wait to get back to the studio….

19 x 19 x .5 cm oil on board and float mounted and framed as shown 29 x 29 x 3cm

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