I was really excited about last nights Red Moon and Lunar eclipse but rain clouds and sea mist rolled in and robbed me of my viewing of this spectacle but I kept hoping and checked a number of times…each time nothing to see, not even a hazy glow until my last check when I saw the fully risen full moon with some wisps of clouds… so I misted the exciting bits!

I thought of last year when I sat out in the garden looking out to sea to view a meteor shower, which had about 3 shooting stars and just as I was giving up , a blood red moon began to rise over the horizon and lit up the sky and was a most amazing sight to behold… at the time I was inspired to  paint a series of paintings, and I went hunting for them and found this little gem -Red Moon rises 2

That cheered me up a little bit…….. click on the link above to see more or to buy 🙂

Red Moon rises 2

Red Moon rises 2

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